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Examples of CDF Applications

Many applications have been created to support the SPDF's Common Data Format (CDF) data standard. CDF can be used in a wide variety of application areas, some of which we have examples below.

Autoplot interactive browser

Autoplot CDF plot

Sample plot generated with the SPDF COHOWeb World Wide Web (WWW)-based Data System for analyzing and retrieving CDFs remotely. See also SPDF OMNIWeb for another WWW-based Data System. IDL is used by both systems to generated the plots of the CDF data sets.

COHOWeb Plot

Visualization created with the CDAWeb IDL-based tool that can access any data in CDF conforming to the ISTP guidelines.

CDAWeb Plot

Screen snap shot from the CDF Windows Imaging Tool (CWIT). CWIT is available for MS-Windows with equivalent applications for Macintosh and UNIX platforms. CWIT Visualization