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CDF Markup Language (CDFML)

The CDF office realizes that scientific progress is often impeded by the lack of, or excessive multiplicity of, available standards for data formats and structures and/or data format translators. In a bid to facilitate and promote data sharing with other data formats, the CDF office has decided to adopt Extensible Markup Language (XML) as a basis for establishing interoperability with other scientific data formats and created CDF Markup Language (CDFML) to describe CDF data and meta-data.

CDFML Document Type Definition (DTD) and Schema


  • CDF2CDFML - dumps the contents of a CDF file into a XML file that conforms to the CDF DTD or CDF Schema
  • CDFML2CDF - creates a CDF file from a XML file that conforms to the CDF DTD or CDF Schema
These two utilities are bundled in cdfml.jar that is included in the standard CDF distribution package. cdfml.jar is also available as a separate download from the Unix/Linux distribution directory.

cdfml.jar Download