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User-supplied/developed Software

Utilities listed below are written/developed by CDF users. Software is provided as is without any implied warranties whatsoever.

This pure Java-based package, developed by Dr. Mark Taylor at Bristol University, United Kingdom, provides the read access to CDF files. With this package, there is no need to install the CDF distribution any more if you just want to read the CDF files.

This PyCDF tool is developed by Dr. Jonathan Niehof and the SpacePy team at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The quickstart is here

This Perl script is written by the Gravity Probe B team at the Stanford University, and it extracts data from a Sybase database to CDF format using the Perl DBI and CDF Perl modules.

Speedups for reading CDF files in MATLAB
This patch (donated by Dr. Robert Weigel at GMU) reads all the CDF records at once, and it's significantly faster than the MATLAB's CDFREAD function.

This Perl script is written by Dr. Joshua Shaffer at the Drexel University. It enumerates all the attributes in a given relation, creates the corresponding CDF structure, and dumps the MySQL data into the CDF file. It uses Perl DBI, but it can be adapted to work with other DBD drivers.