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Data Format Translation Tools

Below is a list of the data translations that are currently available:
  • CDF-to-netCDF (Only supporting netCDF V3.*) Several un-supported CDF data types are converted to preserve their original values as closely as possible: CDF_UINT1 to NC_SHORT, CDF_UINT2 to NC_INT, CDF_UINT4 and CDF_INT8 to NC_DOUBLE. The epoch types, CDF_EPOCH, CDF_EPOCH16 and CDF_TIME_TT2000 are presented in NC_CHAR.
  • CDF-to-FITS
  • CDF-to-ASCII (Text dump of a CDF file)
  • CDF-to-CDF Skeleton table
  • CDF-to-CDFML (XML representation of CDF)
  • CDFML-to-CDF
  • netCDF-to-CDF (Only supporting netCDF V3.*)
  • FITS-to-CDF
  • HDF4-to-CDF
  • HDF5-to-CDF (HDF5 in text dump to CDF. To be provided upon request)

Individual Translators Download

Most of the translators are available either in binary or source code. The CDF-to-ASCII tool (cdfexport) is included in the CDF distribution package, and this tool is available in the <cdf_install_dir>/bin directory.

Source Code Download

If you would like to have a copy of any of the translators listed below installed on your local machine or desktop, please download the translator(s) of interest and follow the instructions in the README.install or INSTALL file.

Binary Download

The table listed below are available for download. Please contact us if you need binary for any platforms that are not included.

Linux (x86_64) Solaris Mac OS X (Intel) Windows
CDF-to-netCDF Download Download Download Download
netCDF-to-CDF Download Download Download Download
CDF-to-FITS Download Download Download Download`
FITS-to-CDF Download Download Download Download
HDF4-to-CDF Download Download Download Download

If you have any questions or encounter problems, please send an email to cdfsupport and we'll respond as soon as possible.